Totally Blocked

I’ve been blocked lately.

I open up project files, type a few new sentences, and then I delete them out of frustration because it’s all crap. No matter the genre, no matter if I try and write a middle or end, no matter if I try and do a character or locale exposition, no matter if it’s dialog or setting a scene, it just won’t flow.


4 responses to “Totally Blocked

  1. I have a friend come over and punch me repeatedly in the arm until I start writing. If I stop, punching starts again. (Choose a weakling friend – trust me.)

    Or I go sit in a coffee shop and put out a sign that says “If I’m not writing, I owe you a dollar.”

    True story – both of them. Haven’t been blocked since.

  2. Well, I am trying to blog every day now… 😉

    Thanks for the suggestions, you two!

  3. The interview might have been with Steven Presssfield. He wrote a couple books about being blocked creatively called “the War of Art” and another one called “Do the Work”. Good luck with your breakthrough!

  4. I remember an interview on NPR with a writer who was addressing the problem of writer’s block. What worked for him, and what he advised his students to do was to write regardless of their block, everyday. Just force the words out onto the page, crap or not, without major editing or revision. Keep up the flow and the quality will follow. Keep the writing muscles limber.

    Wish I could remember the name of the writer. As I recall, he had won several major writing prizes and awards.

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