Even More Adventures in Fundraising

“You don’t get what you don’t ask for.” – Me.

The close is critical. You have to ask. This is really hard for many geeks.

Geeks, (and I do consider myself one and wear the label proudly as affixed by others,) as a rule, tend to get confused when the presentation of evidence is not enough to sway the minds in the room. They’re not sure what to do. I certainly didn’t know what to do.

I finally learned to ask.

My first non friends-and-family pitch was at a McDonald’s in Renton. I’m sure I had fries, but I honestly can’t tell you if I had a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or a BigMac. I do remember flipping through some printed-out Excel spreadsheets to two gentlemen of indeterminate but sufficient wealth as vouchsafed by some as now forgotten friend or acquaintance over the un-remembered burger.

I didn’t ask, so all I received was a greasy lunch.

So I’m going to ask, and if you respond, you’ll be spreading good cheer for good causes!

Halloween is almost here, and with the end of the year holidays fast approaching, we’re raising money for the schools our children attend, Arrowhead Elementary and Lake Forest Park (LFP) Co-op Preschool.

LFP is offering Winter:
* Table Centerpieces – Noble Fir, Incense Ceder, Berried Juniper, and Pine Cones – $16
* Wreaths – Noble Fir, Berried Juniper, Incense Cedar, and Pine Cones – $20 ($41 delivered)
* Garlands – 25′ – $28LFP is also offering Chinook Books for $20,http://sea.chinookbook.net/, over 400 mobile coupons for $15, (redeemable via iPhone or Android app), or both for $30.Arrowhead offers a tax deduction in the form of a donation of any amount via PayPal, and many local employers match, to the PTA at http://www.ptaarrowhead.org/.

Because apparently I’m a bad parent if I don’t beg for money on my child’s behalf. Please accept my deepest apologies for infringing upon your ever-shrinking time.

(I must also brush up upon my Dickens; I have this unshakable feeling that something is wrong with this entire picture.)

Did I mention I was on Facebook?

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