Tock Tick – A Poem

Let the shattered pieces drop
One by one
Making a bed
Choice by choice
Day by day
Now’s it’s almost too late
To heal the cuts
Because I’ve bled
And bled
And bled
And asked you to stop
And stop
You light another bowl
Drink another drink
In the silence of my shouting
In the roar of my closing despair
In the tranquility of my anger
Will you hear the last time I ask
Will you hear
Will you

I am close to empty
Except for tears that spill
From every puff
From every bottle
From every choice that shows me
What you value
Above me
I still beat for you
In gloaming sadness
Rent and cleaved and stung
Slower and slower
Turning to stone
Until I bleed no more
Pull my heart out
Stand again
Cast about
Make a plan
Move on
Try again

Here is the fear
Embrace it
Caress it
Learn from it
I will hold your hand
Hold you
Laugh grayly with you
At silly shadows of the past
Your choice
You and me
Or us

Tock tick
Tock tick
Wind or walk
Wind or walk

Tock Tick
Your chocie



Before it’s twice a day

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