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38,458 of ??? #writeathon

265 words today.

Why I’m Writing for the Clarion West Writeathon

In my journey as a writer, I’ve been plugging away at short stories and have tried my hand at self-publishing. The next peak to scale is my first novel. I’m just over 38,000 words so far, and I’m hoping to land it at around 43,000+.

I’ve been eyeing the annual Clarion West summer workshop for a couple of years now as a way to help take my writing to a new level, but I’ve had way too much going on in my life to justify applying to attend.

I have found a way to participate vicariously, and that’s through their concurrent write-a-thon. I’ve signed up this year as a way to motivate myself towards applying for next year and to help them raise some funds for future workshops and scholarships.

My goals are twofold: help them raise a few dollars and prod myself to finish my novel so I can bring in the draft for my second novel next year.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my short stories and poetry here, I’d appreciate it if you’d sponsor me. I’d really appreciate it.

I’ll be posting updates under the writeathon tag, so you can follow along.

Thank you!

Will you?

What will you do when the snow melts, when Spring returns again?
Will you happily skip in alpine fields and soak the sun into your toes?
Will you eagerly tremble amidst the budded riot?

What will you do when dawn comes, when you must awaken?
Will you smile at birdsong filling your room?
Will you joyously swim in sheets of light?

What will you do when the storm ends, when the skies turn to azure?
Will you drink the air in great cleansing gulps?
Will you feel the Earth growing you up?

What will you do when the world ends, when you become the universe?
Will you remember the smiles and the laughs?
Will you know in your heart the measure of your deeds?

What will you do in the starlight, when time counts up?
Will you play unbounded?
Will you smile and love, and embrace the chaos?

Will you?

37,653 of ???

Writing again…finally. 425 words over the past two days.

Unplugging My Twitter Feed from Facebook

My Facebook feed is about to become much quieter since I’ll be unhooking Twitter from auto-posting into it. I’m doing this to reduce the online surface area that generates notifications for me to attend to.

Those of you that know me know that I’m a pretty crappy correspondent when it comes to responding to anything other than a text or a tweet, and even getting a response out of me on those channels are suspect some (most?) days.

Why that’s the case is a whole other blog post I’ll eventually get to some day, but the nutshell version is that I triage a daily torrent of communications across work and personal accounts that averages about 500 packets of information a day with peaks up to 700.

About 50% of those are informational that require no action other than a quick skim, 25% take me to information I’m required to view for work or are interested in personally viewing, and the remaining 25% necessitate some sort of response.

What I’ve noticed is that the 25% was about 10% a couple of years ago, and it seems to keep increasing. For all of my introversion, social connections are important to me, but they do take a certain type of energy for me to muster. This energy is finite, and in the face of increasing demands, something had to give and Facebook ended up on the chopping block.

My blog will still auto-post to Facebook and you can still find me on Twitter, and email.