I applied to Clarion West 2015

My blog has been fairly quiet the past several months because I’ve been directing my creative energies elsewhere. As I mentioned on Twitter, I just did a thing, and that thing was applying to the Clarion West 2015 summer six-week workshop.

This was one of two huge things that I have planned for 2015 and it feels really good to check it off my list!

For those not familiar with Clarion West, it’s a six-week, instructor-led residential program. I’ve had my eye on this particular workshop for a couple of years now and have been using my blog as a forcing function to write short stories to build my portfolio for submission.

The past two months have found me editing like mad, (I’m sorry for all the printouts trees,) and grinding away on the personal essay, (six different takes; four drafts of the final!) that was part of the application.


Now, I wait to find out if I’ve been accepted. I’ll know by the end of March. 🙂

6 responses to “I applied to Clarion West 2015

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  2. I applied to Clarion West this year too. Waiting for news… Good luck!

  3. Thanks, Angela! I really appreciate your early read-throughs and prodding to up my game on my essay. More reasons for me to stop writing in a vacuum. 🙂

    • The pleasure has all been on my side. And, it is my opinion, that if you can’t write what you know (e.g., personal essay) in a way that is interesting, you want to keep working on it until you can! Which you did!! Very proud of you.

  4. Good luck!!! We all have our fingers crossed that all of your creativity and plain hard work is recognized. At the very least you’ve confirmed what you don’t mind working exceedingly hard at. And that is bonafide passion! Congratulations!! Love, Ang

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