Heather Kilbourn’s Bibliography


Through the Mirror

Escape Pod, The Original Science Fiction Podcast, December 15, 2022, free to listen or read.

“…your checksum has failed.”

What might distributed resistance networks look like if we had sentient and twinned AI companion versions of ourselves living in portable smart mirrors?

The Usurious Mechanic

Factor Four Magazine, Issue 9, March 2022, free to read.

“How much?” I asked through gritted teeth and slumping shoulders.

How much is too much to pay for your mistakes?


A Cargo Cult of Memories by Heather Kilbourn

A Cargo Cult of Memories

In this wide-ranging self-published collection of ten short stories set in the Pacific Northwest, Heather Kilbourn takes us on emotional journeys that map the terrain of human experience from bedroom communities to the tops of mountains.


Book cover to Syslog I by Heather Kilbourn


In space, no one can hear you grep.

So far it’s been a routine colony certification, but Dr. Rapan has uncovered something amazing on the planet below – tantalizing fossils that will re-write the history books and inflate his first settler’s bonus. But before he can report his findings, his research is interrupted and his family is torn away from him.

Windows Phone 7 UI Design and Interaction Guide

Besides contributing a significant amount of new content for v2, Heather designed the layout and shifted it from a dry, text-heavy document to a visual artifact using the Metro design system. Microsoft almost printed these to hand out at developer events but alas, budgets were cut, and it was distributed as a PDF. Heather still has one of the only two hard copy galley proofs produced and considers it an achievement to have created a physical object at a software company.


Body + Being

by Stephanie J. Cooper
(Kilbourn, Editor)

With both text and illustration, Body + Being: How we age offers a system-by-system look at the physiology behind the visible signs of aging that we all experience.