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A Fall Hike – A Photograph

This past weekend, our family took a beautiful fall hike through our favorite local state park, St. Edwards. I was able to capture this delicate little mushroom on the side of a tree as Shelley came around the corner.

If you haven’t gotten out in the woods recently, now’s the time to go. Fall colors are everywhere, and everything is happily hydrated.

Family Portrait – A Photograph

We finished up our pumpkin carving contest, and all posed for a photo. How’d it come out?


Shelley was looking especially fetching today there on the top left!

FRANKENPUMPKIN! – A Sculptural Exhibit

It was pumpkin carving day at the Kilbourn’s, (after a field trip yesterday to pick them from the patch,) and a good, messy time was had by all, even though son #2 accidentally smashed his. 😦

Son #1 carved his own, and I think he did pretty darn good for being six!


My contribution was Frankenpumpkin:


Shelley’s still working on hers; she has something special in mind…

How to Build a Lego™ Table

Back in July, I built this table for my eldest son’s birthday. We’ve had a lot of fun as a family since sitting around it and building stuff.

With the winter holidays in the Northern Hemisphere coming up, I’ve decided to make and sell these. They make a great gift for your kids (or for yourself!)

As shown, the tables are 3′ x 2′ x 2′ and are $175 each. There are color options on plates, paint, and bag. I’m in the Seattle area, and willing to deliver locally for a few extra bucks. If you’re from out of town, I can quote you a shipping cost.

Leave a comment with contact information or ping me on Twitter if you’re interested!

(I’d also appreciate a like, retweet, reblog, or otherwise share around if you found this interesting. Thanks!)

Cars – A Visual Puzzle

How many _____ are there?


Flying Vehicles:



Lightning McQueens:

Fire/EMT Vehicles:



Construction Vehicles:


How many _____ are there?

(Click for larger version.)