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Photos I’ve taken.

Central Park, New York City, August 21, 2022

A photograph taken in Central Park, New York City. The view is southwest over The Pond. In the foreground are blooming yellow flowers. The mid ground is the pond and trees surrounding it. In the background, skyscrapers tower.

I visited New York City this summer and took in the city and its galleries. I took a spin through Central Park on a Sunday and it was jam-packed with people doing all sorts of things.

But a close look revealed moments of natural stillness and beauty.

Photograph ©Heather Kilbourn.

Seattle Spring 2017

Seattle Spring 2017; Copyright 2017 Heather Kilbourn

Seattle Spring 2017
Copyright 2017 Heather Kilbourn

Morning Commute

The last regular commute for a while!

©Heather Kilbourn

Vanishing Point

Amazon Doppler building, Seattle WA – March 15, 2016