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The last chance to stop paying attention
Is now
Before the final bet is laid
On one last foolish gamble
To run the table

With nothing to lose
And all to win
The loser’s laughter
Is still a payout

©Heather Kilbourn


The Dark Tower harbors an orange carrion-bird
In a gilded cage readying for flight
Before a mirror it preens in sunshine
Talons staccato clack and echo
In revenge ritual dance
Across the polished marble

In brooding isolation it awaits
Night’s safest hour to swoop
And tells itself it’s the prettiest bird
The strongest bird
The cleverest bird
Puffing up its plumage

But beyond the windows
Eagles wheel in ready eager patience
To harass the red-topped cocks it emboldens
Who harm the greater flock
Until they tire of the gauntlet and fly far, far away
Or lay with broken wings crimson

©Heather Kilbourn


The flags are folded for a future day
The rally cries are silent in the books
Yet shouts now fill the streets
At Democracy’s rough grabbing
By those who see her travail

Boastful winners mock and laugh
Blinded by a future writ from the past
Where they may yet come to wonder
Who will cry for them
If we’re gone?

©Heather Kilbourn


Vex the tigress in her open cage
At your peril
She may not eat you
But force you
To take her by the tail
For destinations


With every truthful lie revealed
The hidden chains are forged anew
They hold us in those reckoned places
We left so long ago