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King of the Castle


Kids Say the Darnedest Things!

Fabrications your five year-old crafts at school that you hear about during a meeting with the Principal on Wednesday: “I have a gun in my backpack and I want to shoot you for hurting my feelings,” and, “I am going to bring dynamite to school and blow it up.”

Oi vey.

We spent Thursday morning at home and I’m pretty sure this has been added to his permanent record.

This could have been a reaction to limiting his potential total screen time (games on phone or computer and watching TV) to 60 minutes per day and he can only earn it in five-minute chunks through good behavior.

Or he’s been slipping in the Fight Club DVD late at night when the rest of the house is asleep.

Starting the Day with a Restore

Current smartphones are kid magnets. They have an unlimited supply of movies, shows, and games, and they fit nicely into small hands and provide a great screen size for viewing by small people.

It feels like our two kids are constantly clamoring for one of phones, and I’ll freely admit that I’m guilty of handing it over now and then so I can get a bit of piece and quiet, and I’ve seen my wife do the same. Our phones are different with regards to access though.

For her phone, it’s touch the home button and off you go. For mine, a security PIN is required, due to the fact that I access my work email account through it. The security settings are set remotely and it will wipe the phone if the PIN is entered incorrectly 5 times.

You can see where this is going.

A few years back, my oldest son wiped my phone a few times, so I’ve been extra-careful to keep it away from him and have had the talk with him about what to do if he finds my phone and it puts up the numbers screen. This morning he forgot all that, and wiped my phone about 30 minutes before I was going to walk out the door.

So it was a “restore the phone” morning. The good news is that my backup was only two days old, so I only lost a few photos. The bad news is that they were some photos I took of the kids when we were out together, and I had a couple of great shots. But all in all, no big deal, other than some annoyance and driving to work with my laptop on the seat next to me doing the restore.

Moral of the story: when was the last time you backed up your phone and it’s data?

The Unplanned Parent/teacher Conference

Had one today.

For my kindergartener.

Oi vey.

They grow up, right?