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38,458 of ??? #writeathon

265 words today.

37,653 of ???

Writing again…finally. 425 words over the past two days.

The First Edit

Yesterday, I completed what I consider to be a minor milestone on my way to completing my novel: the first edit pass.

While I’m not done with the story yet, I decided to do this work now because I found that I was losing the thread of my own story. Some of that was a function of my writing cadence, which has been a couple of hundred words here and under to a hundred words there. Writing paragraphs and sentences instead of pages at a time made it hard to remember the full arc.

After reading and editing 36,868 words, it feels like I’m more than halfway done.


35,324 of ???

Still plugging away on that novel…

31,723 of ???

I’m still working on my novel.

I went back and re-read my original outline and I’m now miles away from it. I’ve heard it’s best to plow on, but I have a nagging feeling that I may have to go back and substantially re-write chunks of it to sort out the plot.

This is the longest project I’ve ever worked on, so it’s uncharted territory to me.