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Family Portrait – A Photograph

We finished up our pumpkin carving contest, and all posed for a photo. How’d it come out?


Shelley was looking especially fetching today there on the top left!

FRANKENPUMPKIN! – A Sculptural Exhibit

It was pumpkin carving day at the Kilbourn’s, (after a field trip yesterday to pick them from the patch,) and a good, messy time was had by all, even though son #2 accidentally smashed his. 😦

Son #1 carved his own, and I think he did pretty darn good for being six!


My contribution was Frankenpumpkin:


Shelley’s still working on hers; she has something special in mind…

The Pumpkin Patch – A Photograph


Today’s outing was with my youngest son’s preschool to Carleton Farm in Lake Stevens, WA. It was a beautiful day to tromp around the fields, watch the pumpkin cannon (super fun!), and play on their playground.

This photo was taken from the playground, looking West.