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Fundraising Tip #1

Only call for money when the market is having a generally up day.

Most angel investors who pay attention to the market will feel richer and be more likely to get that check in because they feel like they’re investing their profit instead of their capital.

Think how you might feel about loaning $50 to a friend if you found a $100 bill in the street. Same psychology.

How to Motivate Executives, Part 1

When the digital.forest offices were located in Bothell, we had a handful of covered parking stalls assigned to the company under the building but, as you can see, most of the parking was out in the lot.

As I recall, we had about six assigned stalls and roughly twenty people on staff at the time.

A new hire, a replacement Vice President of Sales, wandered into my office one morning not long after he started with us and sat down in front of my desk and then proceeded to ask me how he could park under the building.

The unasked question was, “How do I get an assigned parking spot under the building out of the rain?”

“Oh!” I enthusiastically replied, “That’s easy! Show up early, and park in a spot!”

He blinked a few times, then smiled before he sheepishly mumbled something I didn’t quite catch as he leveraged himself up from the chair and then went back to work.