Legos – A Question

Should you sort Legos by color, size or shape?


3 responses to “Legos – A Question

  1. We’ve gone with color, as we have more shapes than bins, but it’s kind of a trick question!

    I’ve discovered that if you’re building from the instructions, color is key to speeding up the pick from the bins to Tristan’s point. Once at the bins, sifting for size is easy with a quick shake or two, what with the smaller pieces moving to the bottom.

    If you’re free-forming, shape is the way to go, per Doug’s point, because you’re looking for that *one* piece to fit!

    In reality, the kids (3 and 6) don’t give a toss, and everything gets mixed anyway! 🙂

  2. By shape! Compared to the number of sizes and shapes, there are relatively few colors so the discriminatory value of color is lower because the buckets are too big. Also, when you need a beam that is 8 units long you rarely care whether it’s gray, black, white, or red just that it’s got the shape you need. So I say sort by shape (breams, axels, gears, wheels, pegs, etc) and then size.

  3. By color! My reasoning is that it’s the quickest attribute for the eye to quickly identify. If speed of assembly is the goal (And of course it is!) then effortlessly narrowing the pool of blocks you should be sifting through is top priority. Size or shape requires a more dedicated effort, not to mention the extra organization required to sort the blocks into intuitive groupings.

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