Will you?

What will you do when the snow melts, when Spring returns again?
Will you happily skip in alpine fields and soak the sun into your toes?
Will you eagerly tremble amidst the budded riot?

What will you do when dawn comes, when you must awaken?
Will you smile at birdsong filling your room?
Will you joyously swim in sheets of light?

What will you do when the storm ends, when the skies turn to azure?
Will you drink the air in great cleansing gulps?
Will you feel the Earth growing you up?

What will you do when the world ends, when you become the universe?
Will you remember the smiles and the laughs?
Will you know in your heart the measure of your deeds?

What will you do in the starlight, when time counts up?
Will you play unbounded?
Will you smile and love, and embrace the chaos?

Will you?

What do you think?

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